Glen Alvie Prime Lamb

Stockist: Glen Alvie Prime Lamb
Marg & Jon Hauser
Stud Prefix: GLENAL
ASSBA Flock No. 36

Our small Wiltipoll Flock is slowly growing after our initial purchase of ASSBA registered ewes from the Gee Tee Stud. The registered Wiltipoll ram used to sire our 2014 and 2015 lambs was from Bussey, Tasmania. The sire used for 2016, 2017 and 2018 was an A1 Wiltipoll ram purchased from the Bingara Stud. Our rams have a current OB Free Accreditation and all stock have been vaccinated with Gudair for OJD. We have found that Wiltipolls are well suited to the Gippsland hills.

We have recently purchased an AWA registered A1 Wiltipoll ram and four ewes from Reavesdale Wiltipoll Stud in NSW, and hope to continue our journey with the Wiltipoll breed.

Glen Alvie, Victoria – South West Gippsland.

Contact Details & Online Links:
Marg Hauser
Phone: (03) 5678 3384


We still have a few 2017 drop Wiltipoll maiden ewes for sale that were sired by our our Bingara A1 Wiltipoll ram (the ram has now been sold), as well as five or six Wiltipoll ewes that lambed last year. We also have two young Wiltipoll rams (2018 drop) sired by our Bingara ram. They may be purchased as commercial rams or registered as stud rams with ASSBA and will be available for sale later this year. Please contact us if interested in purchasing any of our Wiltipoll sheep.

Registered or commercial stock will be available in 2019. Prices on application.