Stockist: Timemm, Terry Smith
Flock Prefix – TIMEMM
ASSBA Flock No. 11
AWA Flock No. 118

OJD status is MN-3 Vaccinated.
All sheep are able to be sold into South Australia.
OB Accredited.
Multiple bloodlines available to ensure genetic diversity.
Genetic Poll testing ensures that all of our stock carries two poll genes.
No horns to deal with.

Stud and Commercial Wiltipoll Ewes and Rams are available for sale from January onwards each year. Enquiries welcome at any time and visits to view stock are very welcome.

Cranbourne South. The ideal location for Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula flocks seeking to purchase stock.

Contact Details:
Terry Smith
Phone: (03) 5998 2952
Mobile: 0429 138 299
Email: terry_smith2@bigpond.com

terry-smith-cranbourne-wiltipoll-3 terry-smith-cranbourne-wiltipoll-2 terry-smith-cranbourne-wiltipoll-1